TTT #33: Improving Content Discovery - A Look at Semantify's Approach

Stephen CollinsMar 2, 2024

To grow traffic on the internet - content is king, and the ability to connect readers with the most relevant and engaging material is paramount. This is where recommender systems come into play, and the use of vector embeddings represents a significant leap forward in improving the quality of these recommendations. Semantify, a CLI (Command Line Interface) tool that I wrote, is a prime example of this innovative approach, designed to enhance long-form written content through the power of Generative AI.

What are Vector Embeddings?

Vector embeddings are a type of representation where words, sentences, or entire documents are converted into vectors of real numbers. This process captures the semantic meaning of the text, allowing for the comparison and clustering of content based on its context rather than mere keyword matching.

How Semantify Leverages Vector Embeddings

  • Semantic Similarity: By converting blog posts into vector embeddings, Semantify can identify and recommend posts that are semantically similar, even if they don’t share specific keywords. This ensures that readers are directed to content that is truly relevant to their interests.
  • AI-generated Q&A Sections: Semantify enriches MDX blog posts with AI-generated Q&A sections. By understanding the semantic content of the posts, it can generate questions and answers that are highly pertinent, adding value for the reader and encouraging deeper engagement.
  • Enhanced Recommendations: The tool uses vector embeddings to suggest semantically similar posts, elevating the user experience by providing recommendations that are contextually relevant, not just based on surface-level analysis.

Benefits of Using Vector Embeddings in Recommender Systems

  • Improved Accuracy: By understanding the deeper meaning behind content, recommendations are more accurate and tailored to the user’s true interests.
  • Greater Engagement: Relevant recommendations increase the likelihood of users engaging with additional content, thereby enhancing user satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Efficient Content Discovery: Users can discover content that they might not have found through traditional search methods, uncovering hidden gems that align with their interests.


The use of vector embeddings in recommender systems, as exemplified by Semantify, offers a sophisticated solution to the challenge of content discovery in the digital landscape. By understanding the semantic essence of content, these systems can connect readers with recommendations that are genuinely engaging and relevant, thereby enhancing the overall user experience. Semantify’s approach, which combines the power of Generative AI with the precision of vector embeddings, illustrates the potential of this technology to revolutionize how we discover and interact with digital content.

For more information on how Semantify can enhance your digital content experience, you can explore further details on my latest blog post.