Recent Issues of The Tech Toolbox

TTT #51: Designing Event-Driven Systems for LLMs

Stephen CollinsJul 6, 2024
Managing the asynchronous nature of large language models (LLMs) is crucial for efficient AI systems. This newsletter explore...
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TTT #50: Fine-Tuning Your AI - The Role of Performance Monitoring in Voting Systems

Stephen CollinsJun 29, 2024
Enhancing the reliability and accuracy of AI applications requires more than just integrating multiple models. This newslette...
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TTT #49: The Coming AI Boom - How You Can Benefit from the Explosion of AI Adoption

Stephen CollinsJun 22, 2024
We are on the verge of a massive shift in the economy driven by the rapid adoption of artificial intelligence (AI). This news...
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TTT #48: LLMs Perform Better When You Ask Them to Do Less

Stephen CollinsJun 15, 2024
Discover the secret to enhancing the performance of Large Language Models (LLMs) by keeping requests simple and focused. This...
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TTT #47: Enhancing AI System Reliability with Voting Mechanisms

Stephen CollinsJun 8, 2024
Learn how implementing voting systems can significantly enhance the reliability of AI systems. This newsletter discusses the ...
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TTT #46: xLSTM - The Next Leap in AI Model Architecture

Stephen CollinsJun 1, 2024
Discover the exciting advancements in machine learning with the introduction of the xLSTM model. This newsletter explores how...
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TTT #45: The AI Displacement Dilemma - What Lies Ahead

Stephen CollinsMay 25, 2024
Dive into the profound implications of AI on the job market, as highlighted in the thought-provoking video 'About 50% Of Jobs...
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TTT #44: Improving Summarization Tasks with GraphRAG and RaptorRAG

Stephen CollinsMay 18, 2024
Explore and compare GraphRAG and RaptorRAG, two innovative approaches for improving query-focused summarization, enhancing ou...
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TTT #43: Introducing GraphRAG - Transforming Data Analysis with LLMs

Stephen CollinsMay 11, 2024
Explore GraphRAG, a transformative technology developed by Microsoft Research to enhance LLM capabilities for sophisticated d...
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TTT #42: The Artistic Dimensions of Software Architecture

Stephen CollinsMay 4, 2024
In this issue, I explain why software architecture should be viewed as an art just as much as a science. Discover how blendin...
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TTT #41: Boosting Contextual Relevance in LLMs with LlamaIndex

Stephen CollinsApr 27, 2024
In this issue, I explore LlamaIndex, a framework that dramatically improves the integration of specific, private data into la...
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TTT #40: Unleashing the Potential of Hugging Face's AutoModel in AI Development

Stephen CollinsApr 20, 2024
In this issue, I discuss the convenient yet powerful capabilities of Hugging Face's AutoModel class, one of several "AutoClas...
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TTT #39: Milvus vs Pinecone: A Comparison of Vector Databases

Stephen CollinsApr 13, 2024
This issue explores the specialized world of vector databases, focusing on a comparative analysis between Pinecone and Milvus...
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TTT #38: Embracing the Role of AI Overseers in Modern Engineering

Stephen CollinsApr 12, 2024
This edition considers the emergent role of 'AI Overseers', pivotal in harnessing AI for superior engineering achievements. I...
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TTT #37: The Unyielding Developer - Persistence, Learning, and Communication

Stephen CollinsMar 30, 2024
In this issue, I explore the pivotal role of stubbornness, the insatiable appetite for learning, and the paramount importance...
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TTT #36: Managing the AI Hype Cycle

Stephen CollinsMar 23, 2024
Navigate the swirling hype surrounding artificial intelligence breakthroughs. This issue examines the financial incentives dr...
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TTT #35: Exploring Multi-Modal LLMs - Beyond Text

Stephen CollinsMar 14, 2024
Dive into the intricate workings of Multi-Modal Large Language Models, the advanced AI systems capable of understanding and g...
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TTT #34: Decoding LLMs - The Enterprise Need for Mechanistic Interpretability

Stephen CollinsMar 8, 2024
Explore the pivotal role of mechanistic interpretability in merging large language models with enterprise software, advancing...
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TTT #33: Improving Content Discovery - A Look at Semantify's Approach

Stephen CollinsMar 2, 2024
Dive into the transformative approach of using vector embeddings in recommender systems, spotlighting Semantify's innovative ...
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TTT #32: Exploring Evolutionary Architecture in Software Development

Stephen CollinsFeb 24, 2024
In this issue, I discuss Evolutionary Architecture, a methodology to help with designing software applications. Explore how E...
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TTT #31: Mastering Software Testing in LLM Development with Promptfoo

Stephen CollinsFeb 17, 2024
This issue introduces concepts in systematic software testing for LLM development with Promptfoo, a CLI tool designed for pre...
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TTT #30: Cursor - Revolutionizing Code Editing with AI

Stephen CollinsFeb 10, 2024
This issue introduces Cursor, an innovative AI-powered code editor built on the foundation of Visual Studio Code. It enhances...
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TTT #29: Database Security Showdown - SQLite vs. PostgreSQL

Stephen CollinsFeb 3, 2024
This issue covers security features of SQLite and PostgreSQL, providing a comparative analysis to help database administrator...
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TTT #28: AI's Political Play - Understanding and Countering Misinformation

Stephen CollinsJan 27, 2024
In this newsletter, I consider the intricate role of AI in political interference. I share my personal journey and insights i...
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TTT #27: Exploring the Basics of Multi-Agent LLM Frameworks

Stephen CollinsJan 20, 2024
In this issue, I explore the fascinating world of Multi-Agent Large Language Model (LLM) Frameworks, an advanced area in AI t...
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TTT #26: The Importance of a Financial Safety Net in Tech

Stephen CollinsJan 13, 2024
Amidst recent layoff news in the tech industry, this issue deviates slightly from AI topics to discuss the importance of buil...
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TTT #25: Vector Databases Showdown: Milvus vs Chroma

Stephen CollinsJan 6, 2024
This issue dives into the dynamic world of vector databases, presenting a detailed comparison between Milvus and Chroma, two ...
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TTT #24: Navigating the AI-Assisted Coding Landscape with GitHub Copilot

Stephen CollinsDec 30, 2023
Exploring the world of AI-assisted coding, this issue brings a firsthand review of GitHub Copilot, highlighting its strengths...
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TTT #23: Mixtral 8x7B vs. ChatGPT - A Detailed Comparison

Stephen CollinsDec 16, 2023
This issue explores an in-depth comparison between Mixtral 8x7B and ChatGPT, focusing on their operational costs, instruction...
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TTT #22: ChatGPT vs. Gemini in Front-End Development

Stephen CollinsDec 9, 2023
This issue covers a detailed comparison between ChatGPT and Gemini, focusing on their abilities in React-based front-end deve...
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TTT #21: Maximizing GPT-4's Potential: Innovative Prompting Techniques Unveiled

Stephen CollinsDec 2, 2023
This issue explores some advanced prompting techniques enhancing GPT-4's capabilities across various sectors....
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TTT #20: AI Limitations: Maneuvering the Boundaries of Language Models

Stephen CollinsNov 25, 2023
This issue explores the current limits of AI language models and their implications for technology users....
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TTT #19: The Secret to Getting Hired in Tech

Stephen CollinsNov 18, 2023
Unlock the nuanced art of becoming the candidate that tech recruiters are eager to hire....
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TTT #18: Non-Technical Keys to Unlocking Your Full Developer Potential

Stephen CollinsNov 11, 2023
Explore the essential non-technical strategies that can elevate a developer's career to new heights....
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TTT #17: Explaining GTE-base – The Versatile Maven of Text Embedding

Stephen CollinsNov 4, 2023
Dive into the world of NLP with GTE-base, the versatile open-source text embedding model breaking new ground in AI....
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TTT #16: ChatGPT - The Future Interpreter for Developers

Stephen CollinsOct 28, 2023
In this issue, I explain ChatGPT's potential as the 'new interpreter' for developers, exploring how English could be the next...
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TTT #15: Learning How to Learn as a Developer

Stephen CollinsOct 21, 2023
In this issue, I offer my take on the indispensable skill of 'Learning How to Learn' as a developer, offering insights and st...
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TTT #14: Securing LLMs through Diverse Approaches

Stephen CollinsOct 14, 2023
In this issue, I suggest strategies for enhancing the security of LLMs, recognizing the critical importance of safeguarding t...
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TTT #13: Exploring Types of Vector Embeddings

Stephen CollinsOct 7, 2023
Embark on a succinct exploration into the world of vector embeddings within Natural Language Processing (NLP), delving into v...
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TTT #12: Navigating Data Privacy: The Intersection of Vector Embeddings and AI Innovation

Stephen CollinsSep 30, 2023
Explore the intersection where data privacy converges with the advanced arena of vector embeddings in AI innovation. Discover...
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TTT #11: Meet Your New AI Companions: Claude, Cohere, GPT-4 & Llama 2

Stephen CollinsSep 23, 2023
In this enlightening edition, I introduce you to the charismatic world of AI companions like Claude, Cohere, GPT-4, and Llama...
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TTT #10: Understanding Vector Embeddings: The Secret Sauce behind Language Models

Stephen CollinsSep 16, 2023
In this edition, I unravel the concept of vector embeddings, the powerhouse behind modern language models like GPT-4. Join me...
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TTT #9: Your Comprehensive Guide to Exploring the AI Landscape

Stephen CollinsSep 9, 2023
In this issue, we delve into a variety of resources that make the journey into the world of AI accessible and enjoyable for e...
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TTT #8: The Rise and Opportunity of AI-Powered Chatbots

Stephen CollinsSep 2, 2023
This issue explores the evolution, applications, and future prospects of AI-powered chatbots in the digital landscape....
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TTT #7: Finetuning Transformer Models for Domain-Specific Code Search

Stephen CollinsAug 26, 2023
Discover the transformative potential of finetuning transformer models for domain-specific code search. This newsletter delve...
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TTT #6: Universal Sentence Encoder vs. Ada Model of GPT Embeddings: A Comparative Analysis

Stephen CollinsAug 19, 2023
Dive into a detailed comparison between the Universal Sentence Encoder and Ada model of GPT embeddings. This newsletter explo...
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TTT #5: Basics of Vector Search and Embeddings: A Practical Guide

Stephen CollinsAug 11, 2023
Explore the world of vector search and embeddings through a comprehensive guide. This newsletter unveils the underlying princ...
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TTT #4: Use Cases for Prompt Templates in Large Language Models

Stephen CollinsAug 5, 2023
Discussing the innovative ways prompt templates are being utilized to produce standardized outputs from large language models...
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TTT #3: Hidden Gems of the VSCode CLI Tool

Stephen CollinsJul 29, 2023
Discover the lesser-known capabilities of the `code` CLI tool that can supercharge your development experience in Visual Stud...
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TTT #2: Using ChatGPT Effectively

Stephen CollinsJul 21, 2023
In this newsletter issue, I'm sharing how you can use ChatGPT to improve your software development....
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